Landscape Maintenance

Spring Clean-up

  • Clean out beds of old leaves/debris

  • Cut back grasses & perennials

  • Edge beds

  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide for weed control

  • Install Mulch



  • Hand prune necessary trees and shrubs to keep a natural shape, improve health, or to prevent unwanted growth.

  • Shear necessary trees or shrubs to maintain a desired hedge look

*** Creative Outdoor Living is not a tree service.  We only work on small shade & ornamental trees (usually under 20’ tall). A local tree service can be recommended for larger tree work.


Fall Clean-up     

  • Cut back grasses and perennials as needed

  • Remove all leaves and debris from landscape beds and lawn areas


Patio Repairs

  • Level sunken pavers

  • Power wash and install new sand

  • Apply Protective Sealer



His design was the perfect design for my home and I am very happy with the quality of the work and the speed in which it was done.

Dave Philpott

Carmel Resident